Giles Gibbs, Jr.

His Book for the Fife

Ellington, Connecticut



The following tune list is taken from a reprint of Gibbs� fife manuscript, edited by Kate Van Winkle Keller, printed 1974. The original manuscript is in the hands of the Connecticut Historical Society. (Or was, at the time of the 1974 printing.) According to the preface, the order of the following list is the same as the original manuscript.

The preface states that there is evidence that Gibbs served in the Revolutionary War as a fifer between 1777 and 1780. He was captured and killed by a raiding party under British command in Royalton, Vermont in October, 1780.


The Granile�s Delight
The Drums Call
The Rogues March
Rakes of Marlow Quick Time
Saint Patrick�s Day in the Morning
The Haymaker March
The Wicklow�s March
Stone Grinds All
Captain Money�s March
The Dead March
Tattoo (the first part to be continued while ye Drum rolls)
Doublings of the Troop
Marquis of Granby�s March
The French Troop
Foot March
The Old Man
The Queen of Hearts
The Mason�s Daughter
The Pretty Cupid
The Brickmaker March
Lord Loudon�s Singling of a Troop
The Lady�s Breast Knot
Singlings of Johnson�s Troop
Doublings of Johnson�s Troop
General Wolfe�s March
The Black Slovin
Rose Castle
Jack�s Quick Step
Sakey Bids Me
The Right Way to Dublin
Funeral Thought (to be played at the burial)
Queen Mab
The Darling Swain or the Flowers of Edinburgh
To Arms To Arms
Trim the Velvet
The White Cockade
Lady Hope�s Reel
The Cuba March
The Eagle March
The Cuckoo�s Nest March
Thehos Gendar (Yankee Doodle)
The Bonny Lass of Aberdeen
The British Grenadiers March
The Recruiting Officer
The Dorcesters March
King George�s March
Nancy Dawson�s March
Farewell Sweethearts and Wives
The Morning Air
The White Joke March
Over The River to Charley
Lovely Nancy
The Marquis of Granby
Pioneer�s March
The Turk�s March
The Duke�s March

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