Collection of
Dancing Tunes, Marches
& Song Tunes.

Whittier Perkins�s Book.


The following list of tunes from Whittier Perkins� manuscript are in no particular order.


The young Girl.
The Indian Chief
The merry shady woods
The Fryar & nun
Thro the woods laddie
Dick the Joiner
Come all you maidens fair
Genl Wolfe
An Elegy
Come all you rude young men
The Gypsy Lady
The Contented Swain
Wo to me
Fire on the mountains A Reel
A sweet country life.
The Irish Girl.
The British Grenadiers
Johnny & Sally
The Duuphin
The Storm
The General Toast
Washingtons Health
A Prison Song, or the contented Prisoner
The Lovers Recantation
Fair Sally
A Tune to Chevy-chase &c.
A Reel
Damon & Clora.
A shape alone let others prize
Ye American boys
Wisdom�s Favourite
The Sailor�s Farewell
Black ey�d Susan
The Privateers Man
The Complaint
The Banks of Kentuke
Reynard & the Hounds
The Lass of Aberdeen
Little muses
Lovely nymph
Battle of the Kegs
The banks of Kentuke
The Cockade
--Wisdom &c.
The wauking of the fauld
I dreamt of my true love
A hunting Song
The Jockey
Jolly drummer
Behind the bush
Nancy my love
As I walked forth one morning in may
The bonny maid
The Indian Chief
Nancy dawson
William Taylor
Thro the woods laddie
Love the cause of my mourning
The unconstant Lover
A March
Old Fowler
The 12 days of christmas
The charming lover
Busy curious thirsty fly
Fort Montgomery
Song in Harlequins Invasion
Capt Kid
Genl Allen
Dear brother of eternal mind
Rosline Castle
Jockey to the Fair
Lord Bacon
The Dukes March
The French Grenadiers
The Black Sloven
Drums Call
Lery Crogah
The Buoying water
Lad with a white Cockade
The Revenge
Scotch Greys
White Cockade
Fifers delight
The Free Masons March
The Irish Brigade
The Scotch Favorite
Canada Farewell
The old fool Tom Rover
The Free born Americans
Roast Goose
The Old Womans Oratory
Lady Cathearts Minuet
The 25th of November
Lord North�s Jig
The female Fox hunter
Bumble Jack
Valentine day
The Milk maids hornpipe
The Beauty
Old Father John
Elizabeth Canno
The Soldiers Delight
My father kist my mother
Yorkshire Lads
Lord Loudons singling of a troop
The devil untied
Ballance a straw
Handels water-piece
The flowers of Edinburgh
Last Sunday morning I sail�d from Cork
Miss Dosons rant
The Old Man
A dawn of Hope
A Colledge Hornpipe
The echoing horn
Pretty Polly
France�s Hornpipe
The hay in the hay stack
The nests of Oak
The hounds are all out
Gentle Sailor
Irish trot
The rolling Hornpipe
Barrel of Sugar
The bonny lass of Aberdeen
Andrew Cary
The recruiting Officer
I�m like a ship in the ocean.
Jack Lattin
The Red Joke
Gee O Dobbin
Over the river to Charley
The new way of wooing
Jemmy dang the weaver
Poor Paddy
The Hare in the corn
Green Sleeves
If ever ye do well it�s a wonder
The white horse
The Free Masons Health
My aprone dearie
Maggy Lawder
The forming of the Square
Black Marys
New Hob nob
Basket of oisters
The yellow hair�d Laddie
The bonniest lass in a� the world
Street her up and had her gaun
Success to the Fleet
Thompson�s quick step
Jenny Nettle
Lady Jane Stuarts reel
The men to make a reel
The Dorsetshire March
Mr Buches humour
There was a Jolly Miller
St Patrick�s day in that Morning
The Mariners of Wicklow
The Brick maker
General Wolf�s March
The New Negro
Pady Wack
Farewell to Wives and Sweethearts
The Polonese dance in Perseus and Andromeda
Pretty Cupid
The Hessian Camp
Barley Sugar
The Queen of Hearts
The Feastwell a quick step
Sukey bids me
The Seven Stars
The Haymakers dance in Fortunatus
Marble Hall in the Genii....
Charming Fair
To Arms
Welcome here again
The Ladies breast knot
Granleys Delight
The Settee in Queen Mab

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